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Residential Customized Cleaning Services

Prepaid Cleaning Services’s Customized Residential Cleaning Service, is perfect for Residential clients Owning Large Homes, Luxury Condos, or Mansions. Our Aim–to Satisfy our Clients special needs and requests–at the same time providing you and your home clean care–with security and privacy; in-addition we Cater to Clients with Multiple Luxury Homes in different locations, and provide special care treatment of luxury and vintage furniture.

Our Clean Care Specialist will visit you, to carefully go over all your needs, and inspect your home, to thoroughly assess the location needs. Afterwards, you will be given the appropriate price quote.

As a courtesy, we include four free scented candles with all Residential Customized Cleaning orders.

To set up an appointment for a Customized Residential Cleaning, please CLICK HERE to email us.

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Law office? Medical office? Retail establishment? No problem! Get a top notch cleaning from the best in the city!
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Fresh, Organic and Natural Cleaning Products

Fresh, Organic and Natural Cleaning Products

Prepaid Cleaning Services is concerned about the environment. So in addition to the standard cleaning products, we also stock an assortment of healthy and non-toxic cleaning products to work with!