Hi, I’m Alistier Isaacs.

I founded Prepaid Cleaning Services (PPCS) with the goal of creating one of the top “green” cleaning services in the world with a focus on providing quality, efficient, and safe cleaning services to our clients at the most competitive rates.

In this fast paced world we live in, I know that your free time is limited. Having chores and tasks completed while you relax or make the most of our free time seems like a luxury these days. PPCS was created to give you that free time while your living or work environment is being refreshed. Prepaid Cleaning Services understands that a clean, safe environment plays an important role in our health and well-being, so cleaning with harsh chemicals is a no-no. We use green cleaning products to help keep you, your family, and our employees hazard-free.

Getting to know and understand the needs of our customers better is vital to our success as a company. From time to time we may reach out to our clients to ensure that we consider all their clean care concerns. Should an issue ever arise in any area of the services we provide, or should a clean care personnel ever fall short of our company’s promise of being best of the best, or most importantly, your expectations, someone will be at your service to resolve the issue.

Lastly, we pride ourselves on exceeding your cleaning expectations and leaving you happy with our services. Nothing makes us more proud than when a client is satisfied with our work enough that he/she goes on to refer us to friends or family.

We’re looking forward to having a chance to work for you.

A. Isaacs
Founder & CEO